Monday, 8 December 2014

▲▲▲ End of Year Mini Cozmik Jaunt ▲▲▲

Poster designed by Moonshake Design

So to end the year and to celebrate our recent split 12" with our pals Mugstar, we'll be doing a brief tour of the UK (first two dates co-headlining with Mugstar) and a special show in Paris with Liverpudlian superstars Clinic! See you on the other side!

11.12 - (UK) Manchester - Soup Kitchen
12.12 - (UK) London - Total Refreshment Centre
13.12 - (FR) Paris - La Maroquinerie
14.12 - (UK) Brighton - The Joker
15.12 - (UK) Bristol - Cube Cinema
16.12 - (UK) Preston - The Mad Ferret
27.12 - (UK) Glasgow - Bar Bloc

You can buy copies of the official tour poster (as seen on the left) from our bandcamp (click on the SHOP link to the right) as well as copies of the split 12" itself, annnnd, orange and black t-shirts featuring the artwork from the split!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

▲▲▲Cozmik Dead vs Europe Round IV▲▲▲

Euro tour number 4 next month (September) where we take in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Belgium, with a few festival's on the way (Reverence, WOS INC & Incubate)

05.09 - (UK) Liverpool - MelloMello
06.09 - (UK) Bristol - Crypt Of St John the Baptist
08.09 - (UK) London - The Shacklewell Arms
09.09 - (FR) Poitiers - Le Zinc
10.09 - (SP) San Sebastian - Le Bukowski
11.09 - (SP) Madrid - Sala Siroco
12.09 - (PT) Valada - (Reverence Festival Valada)
14.09 - (SP) Santiago De Campostela - (WOS INC)
15.09 - (SP) Oviedo - Lata de Zinc
16.09 - (FR) Bordeaux - Heretic Club
17.09 - (FR) Paris - Picolo
18.09 - (NL) Landgraaf - Oefenbunker
19.09 - (NL) Tilburg - Little Devil (Incubate 2014)
20.09 - (FR) Lille - El Diablo
22.09 - (BE) Bruxelles - Café Central
23.09 - (UK) Plymouth - Underground
25.09 - (UK) Stockton-on-Tees - The Green Room
26.09 - (UK) Newcastle - Heaton Social Club
27.09 - (UK) Edinburgh - TBC

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

▲▲▲Supenormal in Three Dimensional GIF Form!▲▲▲

The supremely talented Kate Bones took some unique photographs of our set at this year's Supernormal festival, at which we closed proceedings as the final band on the sunday night. Think it's safe to say she did a fantastic job of capturing the energy of that evening's set. She's kindly granted us permission to post the animated GIF's on our website for y'all to see below!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

▲▲▲ Cosmic Dead vs. Europe - Round III ▲▲▲

So we venture out to Europe for another trip this summer, in what will be our longest trek yet!
Hope to see some familiar faces along the way! The dates are as follows -

04.06 - (UK) Cardiff - Full Moon
05.06 - (UK) Brighton - Campbell Rd Studio
06.06 - (FR) Rouen - Le 3 Pieces Muzik'Club
07.06 - (NL) Eindhoven - De Effenaar
10.06 - (DE) Berlin - Jagerklause Berlin
- (AU) Vienna - Fluc_Wanna

12.06 - (IT) Marina di Ravenna - Hana-B
13.06 - (IT) Verona - Cascina Degli Angli
14.06 - (IT) Milan - Cox 18
20.06 - (IT) Cagliari - CuevaRock Live
24.06 - (IT) Perugia - Parco Sant'angelo
25.06 - (IT) Savona - Raindogs House
26.06 - (CH) St Gallen - Rumpeltum
27.06 - (DE) Wurzburg - Cairo
28.06 - (BE) Antwerp - Het Bos
29.06 - (NL) Amsterdam - OCCII

30.06 - (BE) Liege - L'Escalier Cafe
01.07 - (BE) Aalst - Flesh & Bones skatepark
02.07 - (FR) Bordeaux - Heretic Club
03.07 - (FR) Tolouse - Le Dynamo Cafe

04.07 - (FR) Paris - La Moulin Rouge
05.07 - (NL) Haarlem - Partonaat

07.07 - (CH) Zurich - BOSCHbar
08.07 - (DE) Dresden - Chemiefabrik

09.07 - (CZ) Prague - Klub 007
10.07 - (DE) Erfurt - SFTU Festival
11.07 - (DE) Koblenz - Circus Maximus

12.07 - (UK) London - Corsica Studios
13.07 - (UK) Bristol - The Exchange
14.07 - (UK) Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
15.07 - (UK) Manchester - Soup Kitchen
18.07 - (UK) Glasgow - Bar Bloc

Any left over prints of the tour poster (Designed by our drummer Julian) will be available to buy from the [Moonshake Design webstore] after the tour!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

▲▲▲ We ♥ Greece & 'Easterfaust' LP release ▲▲▲

Wow. So we went to Greece last weekend for a couple of shows, and it utterly blew our heads off. The people, the food, the landscape, the good. time. fucking. vibes. We love you Greece.
We'd like to thank the following people who aided and assisted us along the trip, including -
the incredible Elina of Smoke The Fuzz (The brains and heart behind the entire operation) who booked us to play and pampered us to the point of decadence, Christos and Stef who hosted and promoted the show in Thessaloniki, Dimitris and Alex for driving us to and from the airport and Thessalonki and Athens. Lunarmare and Circassian for playing with us at the shows, Elena, Nikos, George and everyone who provided wonderful company, all the people who came out to see us play, and not forgetting, the national drink, RAKI! Stay tuned Greece, we'll be back in your arms as soon as possible!

In other news, we're very happy to announce that the first LP containing recordings (or rather, a single recording split across two sides) from our stint in a little cottage in the highlands last year, is released today on shiny vinyl. A Limited edition run of 800, 'Easterfaust' is released by Sound of Cobra (our main man Ricky Biondetti's label). The front cover artwork was made by uber-talented collage maestro, Bryan Olson, and you should go check out his website here, his work is simply incredible.
Have yourself a little listen to side A of the record below if you fancy. Enjoy!

Monday, 30 December 2013

▲▲▲ Europe - Round II - COSMICALLY SMASHED ▲▲▲

Thankful to say we all got back from Europe in one piece again, just in time for xmas dinner with the family, and a slurry of shitty TV. As with last time, we met tons and tons of fantastic and wonderful people, and saw a nice large amount of new places (and new countries) as well. Mainland Europe, stay tuned,  we will be back inside of you in 2014!!! (oaft.)

Special thanks go out to, in a roughly chronological order - Adam Ian Sykes, Simon McCaig, Chris Cusack & Bloc, Harrison Reid, Sammy Powell, Dead Sea Apes, Ghold, Ash Bronsan, Reds, Greg Neate, Megan and Jo Leggo, The Chunnel, Eileen V D Wilt, The city of Amsterdam (and its horizontal hailstone storms), Peter Weening and all the volunteers of Vera Groningen, DJ Rich, Groningen's Egg Balls (evidently worth fighting for), Vincent Teteart, The people of Salle Rogier Bruxelles, Wooden Shjips, Marjolein Kooijman, The Gooch, the people of Groene Engel in Oss, Matthias Rein and the people of Kubaa in Zurich, Vincent Melay, Pierre Desenfant, Noyade, The drunks of Lyon, Alice Renault, Libido Fuzz & The Raindrops, Paul & Sian, Fermin Manchado, Jinko Vilova, the people of the Sala BeGood, Edu Garcia, El Paramo, the people of the Sirco Madrid, Nick Allport, Joao Boryslav, Jaime Raposo, Al Lover, Carlos Ferriera, Asimov, Gesso & the people of the Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, Andre and Amplificasom, Lovers & Lollipops, Camera, Eric Copeland, Hugo Cano & his amazing culinary skills, the people of Ibu Hots, François Menut, Boubi Sablon, The Heretic and its wonderful people, Acid Bonanga, Blackbird Hill, Naam, Nico Dead Pig, Marc Gerard, the kind people of L'escalier, the overwhelming generosity of a one Eli Pizzuto, Antony Chalmers, Throne, Superlove 5000 aka, Liz & Sean, Frances Ross, the Shacklewell Arms, Adam Reid, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Luminous Bodies, Repo Man, Ekoplekz, St John The Baptist for letting us use his Crypt, Liam Casey, The people of Stereo, Trembling Bells, Hidden Masters, Sharptooth, Big Hogg and of course, not forgetting Ricky Biondetti, without whom, the tour would not have been possible!
Hope 2014 treats all of you well. Merry Cosmos.

Also, if any of you wanted a print of the tour poster for this tour, but missed out, (they sold out towards the end of the tour) we now have some up for sale on our bandcamp over [HERE]!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

▲▲▲ Cosmic Dead vs Europe ROUND II ▲▲▲

So, on Monday morning, we leave for Manchester, which kicks off our second European tour this year. This time round we take in the UK, Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, and frankly we can't wait. Oh Europe, we love you so. We'll also have some nice new shiny things with us for sale too, including the split 12" we recently did with our good pals Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, the S/T vinyl reissues, Inner Sanctum LP's, Exalted King CD's and A1 prints of the tour poster as designed by our drummer/onstage sweat dispenser, Julian (aka Moonshake Design).
Come down and stroke our beards if we're playing your city.

2nd ► Manchester (ENGLAND) ► Roadhouse
3rd ► Brighton (ENGLAND) ► The Hope

5th ► Groningen (HOLLAND) ► Vera

6th ► Brussels (BELGIUM) ► Salle Rogier
7th ► Oss (HOLLAND) ►
Groene Engel
8th ►
Zürich (SWITZERLAND) ► Kubaa
9th ► Lyon (FRANCE) ► Le Sonic
10th ► Montpillier
(FRANCE) ► Black Sheep
11th ► Barcelona (SPAIN) ► Sala BeGood
12th ► Madrid
(SPAIN) ► Siroco
13th ► Cartaxo (PORTUGAL) ►
Centro Cultural do Cartaxo
14th ► Porto
15th ►
Vitoria-Gasteiz (SPAIN)Ibu Hots
17th ► Bordeaux (FRANCE) ► Heretic
18th ► Paris (FRANCE) ►
19th ► Liege (BELGIUM) ► L'escalier
20th ► London (ENGLAND) ► Shacklewell Arms
21st ► Bristol (ENGLAND) ► The Crypt
22nd ► Glasgow (SCOTLAND) ► Stereo

Facebook event page with more gig details [HERE

Monday, 23 September 2013

▲▲▲ L'pool Psych Fest, Carlton Melton & more ▲▲▲

Hello there Cosmic Dead website perusers, been a while since we last posted on here!
Pleased to inform you all that we'll be playing Liverpool Psych Fest this Friday (27th), which boasts a frankly AMAZING fucking line-up, as you can observe on their website here. We're on the same night as the likes of Moon Duo, Psychic Ills, Dead Meadow, The Holydrug Couple, The Oscillation, Carlton Melton and loads more great stuff. We play the 'Camp' stage (Oooh matron...) at roughly 19.45pm. We'll have lots of merch and posters and prints (courtesy of Julian AKA Moonshake Design) available to buy too.

The day after that, we'll be playing a gig in Glasgow at the 13th Note (Saturday 28th), with none other than Carlton Melton, who are on a UK tour at the moment. Relatively new band Sharptooth (Ex Curiosity Shop members) will be in support, should be a good un! More details on that gig to be found here. In the meantime, here's a Carlton Melton track to wet your appetite.

Lastly, Julian recently did an interview with the website Echoes and Dust.
Head over HERE to read it. **Warning, contains multiple references to Buckfast and Hawkwind**

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

▲▲▲ The Mighty Cozmik EUROGASM Adventure ▲▲▲

The Coazamik Young Teem with punmaster generaal Harriswon Reid. (c) goDi 2013
Wow. 3 weeks of pretty much non-stop gigging, and y'know, we weren't even tired by the end of it! (well, maybe just a little bit). So much fun, so many good times, so many nice people. Let me assure you that Europe is the place to go for good food, good beer and good vibes. Do it. Do it now. Every single show of the tour was an absolute pleasure to play, and everywhere we travelled, we were made to feel incredibly welcome. Big shout out to Walter for asking us to play this year's Roadburn, which in fact provided the main incentive to do a european tour in the first place! Other big shout outs go to Ricky Biondetti & Swamp Booking for booking all of our European dates on the tour, Bloc for providing us with our transport, and not forgetting; the ever impeccable, veracious, punmaster generaal himself, Harrison Reid! Harrison was kind enough to drive us about for pretty much most of the round trip, kept us all sane, in high spirits, and made sure we didnt go all Jack Torrance and kill each other. He also took many a photo and video during the tour, so stay tuned, as that stuff will probably surface soon! In the meantime, we order you to head over to his website HERE and view his photography as it's pretty fucking special. The talented bastard. Do it NOW.

Standing about in front of a motherfucking mountain. Motherfucks.
Anyway, big thanks again to everyone else who helped make our Euro tour, first of all, happen, and secondly, made it so enjoyable! We love you - David Weaver, Chris Cusack, Thom Bettney, Nathan Gibson, Matt Cargill, You're Smiling Now, But We'll All Turn into Demons, BlackHOODS, Tony Erdélyi, Lucile Heintz, Stone Rising Festival, My Sleeping Karma, Corrado Montonaro, Suzie & Rachel, Golden Void, Da Captain Trips, That fucking ice cream shop in Milan, Giacomo & Scoia, Menrovescio, Pawel Zandl, Otehi, Vlad & Jan, Teeth Of The Sea, Klaus Brotkorb, Elder, Pet The Preacher, Frank, Mr Peter Hayden, Sascha, Gnod, The White Trash burgers, Walter & Roadburn, Pieter Coolen, Endless Boogie, Jasper Verleyen, Cécile Beirinckx, Cécile's amazing parents, Daniel Fontana, Matthias Rein, Bastien, Pussywarmers, Réka Csiszér, Francois and the Monarch guys, Bagarre Generale & Datcha Mandala, Vince (& his lost Delegation), The Mushroom heads, The Channel Tunnel, Neil & Al of Champagne Justice, Heloise Zamzam, Olmo Uiutna, Anthropropph, Olanza, Uiutna, Zak and Pus North, Bish, Cromlech, Electric Church, Ewan Cameron, Buried Sleeper, []wall[] & Glacier. Also not forgetting everyone who came to see us play, especially those who travelled long distances! (Apologies if we missed anyone out)


Lastly, here's a couple of videos from the tour, the left video is our entire set from our show in Paris, and to the right, a short snippet of our set at Roadburn! Thanks to ShinjuGumi and mwegeland for filming!

Enjoy, and we'll see you again SOON Europe. Watch your back.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

▲▲▲ These Things Always Come in Three's ▲▲▲

We're very happy to announce that Sheffield based label Evil Hoodoo will be releasing our third album proper, Inner Sanctum this month! (Artwork just on the left there) It's 74 minutes long in total (what else did you expect?!?) and spread over 4 tracks.

It will initally be released on cassette tape with some lovely hand-sewn cases, courtesy of Thom, and possibly on other formats later!

Big thanks goes out to mircophone pointer/mixing desk jockey/secret pornstar Gary Milne, who kindly recorded us as part of his course at the SAE in Glasgow, way back in March 2011! We've been sitting on these recordings for quite a while now, so it's good to finally get them out there! We hope you enjoy our sonic transmissions!

Here's a nice little review the folk over at Funky Gibbins have written about the release. [LINK]
You can also listen to a little sample of the album below, featuring 1 minute snippets of all 4 songs!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

▲▲▲ Trans European tour and Djαmβα video! ▲▲▲

So, after a lot of effort and patience, our European tour is all booked up for April! 4 weeks of shows on the road, with only ONE day off. ONE DAY OFF. No sleep till Edinburgh. We're a bunch of hardcore motherfuckers, that's for sure. Anyway, we'll have quite a few things for sale on the tour, including large A2 prints of the tour poster as designed by our drummer Julian (Moonshake Design) new t-shirts, our S/T album and The Exalted King on vinyl, our new live album - Live at The Note on cassette (featuring the same version of Djamba used in the video below!) and a new album which you will hear all about very very very soon! In the meantime, you can view all of our tour dates below -

8th ► Sheffield (ENGLAND) ► The Redhouse
9th ► Basingstoke (ENGLAND) ► Sanctuary
10th ► London (ENGLAND) ► The Unicorn
11th ► Brussels (BELGIUM) ► Café Central
12th ► Oullins (FRANCE) ► Stone Rising Festival
13th ► Milan (ITALY) ► Lo-Fi
14th ► Verona (ITALY) ► White Rabbit
15th ► Salzburg (AUSTRIA) ► Shakespeare
16th ► Prague (CZ REPUBLIC) ► Klub 007
17th ► Dresden (GERMANY) ► Chemiefabrik
18th ► Liepzig (GERMANY) ► Zoro
19th ► Berlin (GERMANY) ► White Trash
20th ► Tilburg (HOLLAND) ► Roadburn Festival
21st ► Antwerp (BELGIUM) ► Trix
23rd ► Dudingen (SWITZERLAND) ► Badbonn
24th ► Toulouse (FRANCE) ► Le Saint des Seins
25th ► Bordeaux (FRANCE) ► Heretic
26th ► Paris (FRANCE) ► La Mécanique Ondulatoire
27th ► Portsmouth (ENGLAND) ► Southsea Social Club
28th ► Bristol (ENGLAND) ► The Croft
29th ► Middlesbrough (ENGLAND) ► The Legion
30th ► Edinburgh (SCOTLAND) ► Banshee Labyrinth

For more details on the tour, visit our tour facebook event page over [here].

▲▲▲For best viewing quality watch in 720p or 1080p!▲▲▲

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

▲▲▲ New download-only drone/ambient album ▲▲▲

Artwork by our very own Lewis Cook!
Our second release of March twenty thirteen is a download-only album of 4 various droney/ambient experiments, entitled Orbiting Salvation. The Obelisk wrote some kind words about it over at their [website].

"Released concurrent to a new tape Live at the Note that finds the at home in their space rock improv element, Glasgow-based jam heads The Cosmic Dead have today unveiled Orbiting Salvation. A release of a much different kind — and digital only — it brings together four ambient pieces put together by the band based on synth and drones rather than the band’s usual psychedelic swirl. A different lineup is featured on each of the tracks, but with the ultra-subdued vibe each of the extended works presents, it’s easier than ever to lose yourself in the sounds. If you have headphones handy, I hope you also brought a snorkel. Orbiting Salvation has been made available at The Cosmic Dead Bandcamp page, where one can explore a host of releases. That the band would have two put together for release already only three months into 2013 speaks well of what might be a very good year to hit up deepest space (rock).
Far out and then some:"

Saturday, 16 March 2013

▲▲▲ New live album - watch the trailer below ▲▲▲

We're pleased to announce the first of a few new releases we have lined up this month, a live album of our recent set at our spiritual home basement, the 13th Note. It's being released by local label Stabbed in The Back records, to a very limited edition run of 100 cassettes.

You can pre-order Live at The Note from our bandcamp page over [HERE], grab it quick before they all dissapear!

Here's a wee preview for it, enjoy! (best viewed at 720p definition)

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

▲▲▲ The Cosmic Dead reborn on Orange vinyl ▲▲▲

We are very pleased to announce that our debut self titled album is getting a relase on some lovely orange vinyl courtesy of the lovely folk over at Cardinal Fuzz.

Taken from the Sunrise Ocean Bender:
Available to pre-order from the 1st March via the Cardinal Fuzz website.
"The Cosmic Dead is another tasty slice in an already delicious run of limited edition releases from Cardinal Fuzz. If ever there was an opus deserving of a wax job, this is it. If you’re not familiar with The Cosmic Dead, or this monster of a record, here’s your chance. And you better grab it. As with other Cardinal releases, like the recent outstanding Gnod/Black Bombaim live leviathan, Black Gnod, the unhinged jamfest from Bristol’s The Heads, Inner Space Broadcasts Vol. 1, and the sweet pairing of Black Tempest and Dead Sea Apes, it’s sure to evaporate quickly. Cardinal Fuzz came out of the gate hard and fast and established an impeccable track record immediately that shows no signs of stopping. Access to the recent tour-only/RSD Mugstar epic, Centralia is in the works as well as a rare live outing from Sweden’s Hills. All good reasons to stand up and testify for the Cardinal."

Visit the Cardinal Fuzz website to pre-order your copy >>>here<<<
More exciting news to come very soon!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

▲▲▲ Europehan Cozmik INVASION-UH ▲▲▲

So, we're extremely happy to announce that we'll be playing the saturday (20th) of next year's Roadburn Festival at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland! Also on the bill are Godflesh, Electric Wizard, Eternal Tapestry, Hills, Goat, High on Fire, Moss, The Pretty Things, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Cult of Luna, My Brother The Wind, Michael Rother, Mourning Beloveth and a whole bunch of other amazing stuff. A big huge massive special thanks goes out to Walter for asking us to play, it really is an honour! Another big shout out to the super talented Maarten Donders for kindly designing us an AWESOME poster (as seen on the right), go check out more of his work on his website over HERE.

We're also very pleased to inform you all that we are currently planning and booking an extensive European tour surrounding our date at Roadburn. So if you'd like us to play in your town/city and think you could manage to put us on, or if you know of a good promoter who could pay/feed/water us, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

▲▲▲ Cozmik Dead complete UK summer holiday tour - Manage to avoid death, disease, & body snatcher invasion... ▲▲▲

So, we finished our first ever UK tour with a very fun gig in Lancaster (complete with shroomed dancers) on Friday there. I think its safe to say we all had a cracking time, and can't wait to do it again. Big thanks to the promoters and bands who put us on and put us up for the night and fed us lovely food, including James Nash (Hello Bastards), Tony Erdelyi, Everyone at Supernormal fest & Ollie, Paul of Burial Chambers, Rich Dibble, Helouise & Olmo, Jason (Behind the Wall of Sleep) of Mugstar, The Left Hand, Verity & Emma (Fat Out Till You Pass Out), Vendela, Spacey Tanxman, Marian & Pauline Clark. You're all bloody wonderful and we wouldn't have be able to do it without you! Particular highlights include the entire Supernormal experience (make sure you go to the next one if you can, it truly is a fantastic and unique festival!), playing football in the suicide capital of the UK, seeing Mick Jones perusing the VHS section of Oxfam, Klaus Wunderlich's Cornflakes, meeting the Mugstar chaps, and Ollie and Wes's freak out shapes at the Yorkie. There are definitely countless others, but those are just a few off the top of my head.
Supernormal - Photograph courtesy of Greg Neate ©

We also have a special treat for all you Glasgow heads, if you missed us playing the Note the other week, we're playing Bloc on Bath Street this Wednesday coming (22nd) alongside Vakunoht.
The gig is free, starts at 9, so c'mon down to tune into some fresh off of tour vibes!

And lastly, we've now made our newest release, the Exalted King, available for download over at our bandcamp site [here]. We do still have a few cassettes of it left too, but they will most likely dissapear at Bloc or at Doune The Rabbit Hole next weekend. If you would like to reserve one, please email us at We will also have merch (T-shirts and Tour posters) available for purchasin' on the bandcamp very shortly, stay tuned!
Lancaster - Photograph courtesy of Pauline Clark ©

Sunday, 15 July 2012

▲▲▲ Another interview & other news ▲▲▲

Julian recently answered some questions from M3 on the pros and cons of free music, the reasons behind the traditional album length and without a hint of irony (okay then, maybe some) the band’s potential for psychic healing.
Read it [here]

In other news, we'll be ge going on our first UK tour in August, though we still need to finalise one last date, but there'll be more information about that on here once it's sorted. Before that however, We'll be playing the Wickerman festival in East Kirkcarswell, sharing an eclectic bill with the likes of Texas, the Scissor Sisters and The View. Can't wait, I think they'll all end up being our best pals. Though we won't be sticking around for long however as we'll be heading over to Newcastle the next day to play at an all day event called Narc Fest. We'll be playing on the Leave Me Here stage outside The Tyne Bar which is free. Also playing are the fantastisch Queer’d Science, Juffage, Cauls & John Duo jazz duo. Hope to see some of you north eastern folk there! [Facebook event page for that here.]

Friday, 18 May 2012

▲▲▲ Comforting Waves of Information ▲▲▲

We've been busy recently.

We've recorded what will most likely be our next album in the analogue Green Door Studios - you will be illuminated about this in due course.
More immediately, we have our debut album available for pre-order on CD(!) over [here] at Paradigm Records. It will be a limited edition run of 500, so grab your copy quick before they all dissapear!
We will also be embarking on a journey across the island we call home, performing rituals and spreading our message. Keep an eye out - dates to follow. In the mean time, heres a clip of a recent gig we played with our pals Divorce.

Monday, 12 March 2012

▲▲▲ Gnodism & other things ▲▲▲

We'd just like to send out a big thank you to all the heads who came out to see us play with Gnod in Glasgow & Newcastle at the end of last month, it was nice to see such a great turn out at both gigs, and great to finally meet our spiritual brothers in psych, Gnod, who not only blew our minds with their live show (seriously, one of the best live bands you will catch in the UK at the moment) but were a bunch of bloody lovely people to boot. Big thanks also to Jonny and Becca for helping us get to Newcastle, as well as Kitty for kindly donating us her flat to crash in for the night.
Our next gig will be at the Arches in Glasgow with the transplendant White Hills from New Yoik on the 21st March. Another ace show we can't wait to play. You can buy tickets online [here]
In the meantime, heres a video of our glasgow gig with Gnod on the 24th.
(Thanks to John for filming.)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

▲▲▲ Mighty GNOD hit Glasgow. Third eyes opened ▲▲▲

We're extremely happy to have put together such an awesome line-up for our next gig, namely our headliners: a bunch of fantastical crazy cats from Madchester called GNOD. We've always felt that Gnod are kindred spirits and are definitely a band we've wanted to get up here for a very long time... And now, in just under a fortnight, they will travel north of the border to feed our hungry ears and minds with their neolithic psych mantra vibes in what will be their debut gig in Glasgow, and more so, Scotland. The fact that jazz psych-psychos Pyramidion and dronelords Thoth are playing too just seals the deal. You have absolutely NO EXCUSE to miss this one.

Doors are at 8pm and its £5 entry. We're on first though so make sure you get down nice n' early!
Facebook event page [here] - Poster by [Moonshake Design].