▲ Easterfaust  
Vinyl - 2014 (Sound of Cobra)
CD - 2014 (Paradigms Recordings)

1. Easterfaust Pt.I
Easterfaust Pt.II

Album No#4. Recorded in the garage of a remote little cottage in the Kyle of Lochalsh in 2013 with our main man, Luigi Pasquini. You can buy it on vinyl here, and on CD here! The beautiful cover artwork was designed by the uber talented Bryan Olson.                                                                                                                                                                    
 ▲ Inner Sanctum
Vinyl - 2013 (Evil Hoodoo)
Cassette - 2013 (Evil Hoodoo)

1. Gustav Björnstrand
2. The Mass of Betelgeuse
3. Inner Sanctum
Hello, Satan

Our third album. 4 tracks, 74 minutes in total of improvised jams. This was recorded way back in early 2011 when Gary Milne kindly offered to record us in his last ever session for the course he was doing at Glasgow's SAE. Evil Hoodoo released this in April 2013 on a limited edition run of 300 cassettes. Buy it [here].
▲ The Exalted King
CD - 2014 (Paradigms Recordings)
Vinyl - 2013 (Cosmic Eye)

Cassette - 2012 (Dub Ditch Picnic)

The Exalted King
2. Anatta
3. Khartomb
4. Anaphora


Our second album. This was originally released on cassette via Dub Ditch Picnic records, but has since sold out. It was re-issued on vinyl via Cosmic Eye records in 2013. It is also available to buy digitally. You can listen to a short preview clip of the title track [here]
▲ The Cosmic Dead (S/T)
Vinyl - 2013 (Cardinal Fuzz)

CD - 2012 (Paradigms Recordings)
Cassette - 2011 (Who Can You Trust?)

1. The Black Rabbit

2. Spice Melange Spectrum
3. Infinite Death of The Godhead
4. Father Sky, Mother Earth

Our debut album. 4 tracks, 80 minutes in total of improvised jams, all of which (with the exception of the first track) were recorded live. Originally released on cassette by Who Can You Trust? Records (Now sold out), this album is available on CD from Paradigms Recordings for only £9.99. Buy it [here]. It is also available on vinyl from Cardinal Fuzz records. Buy it [here].

▲ Cosmic Dead / Mugstar
Vinyl - 2014 (Evil Hoodoo)

A1. Mugstar - The Breathing Mirror
B1. Cosmic Dead - Fukahyoocastaluh

Our third split LP, this time with long time pal's Mugstar. Julian designed the cover of this in homage to Sonic Youth's classic 'Goo' album artwork, replacing the subjects with James from our band and Jason from Mugstar. Click on the album to order a copy or download our track.
▲ Cosmic Dead / Guardian Alien
Vinyl - 2014 (Instructional Media)

A1. Guardian Alien - Statues & Instruments
A2. Guardian Alien - Coming In The Dark

B1. Cosmic Dead - Drone Rivers

Our second split LP, this time with the incredible Guardian Alien from the USA, project of drum master Greg Fox (Liturgy, Dan Deacon, Z's, Teeth Mountain) This was released on limited edition black and red vinyl in July 2014 via Lewis's own label, Instructional Media.
▲ Cosmic Dead / Pigs x 7
Vinyl - 2013 (The Old Noise)

A1. Cosmic Dead - Djamba
B1. Pigs x7 - Wizard & The Seven Swines

Our first ever split LP, with Newcastle wizards,
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs,
Bloody swines! Click on the album to download our track.

▲ Orbiting Salvation
CD - 2014 (Paradigms Recordings)
Digital - 2013 (Self Released)

1. Solar Cycle Invocation

2. Orbiting Salvation
3. The Left Hand Path


This album is a compilation of various drone/ambient odds and ends, ranging from September 2010 to more recent affairs. You can download this album for £7 [here].
Artwork by our own Lewis Cook.

▲ Psychonaut
Digital - 2011 (Self Released)

1. Lavinia (Mother ov Mystery)

2. The Spaceman
3. Eyes in The Mountains
4. Inner Circle

5. Adimite Obscuritatem
6. Serpent Coils The Earth
7. Astral Curvature
8. Psych Ashtray Aktion Mother
9. Fool & The Five of Swords
10. Psych Ashtray Aktion Mother II

This album is a compilation of early jams / rehearsal room recordings & various other ditties from 2010 You can download this album for free [here].


▲ Live at The Note
 Cassette - 2013 (Stabbed in The Back)

1. Djamba (Live)

2. Gravy Shoot (Live)
3. Exalted Sh
øastmann (Live)

Our second live album and first physical live release. This album documents a full set at our spiritual home, the 13th Note in Glasgow, recorded 19th January 2013, by the emperor of pizza land, Luigi Pasquini. The tape is being put out by Luigi's own label, Stabbed in The Back Records, on a limited edition run of 100. You can view a trailer for the album, with snippets of all three songs, [here]. You can also see a video for the live version of Djamba included on this album, [here]. You can order the cassette tape via our bandcamp [here].
▲ Cozmik Live Aktion - Vol I
Digital - 2012 (Self Released)

The Anteveludian Sky (Live)
2. Eye in The Pyramid (Live)
The White Rabbit (Live)
4. Astral Curvature (Live)
5. Von Wilhelm (Live)
6. Horus (Live)
7. Matagot (Live)
8. Hierophant Blues (Live)
9. The Invisible Fire (Live)
10. Bannerman's Cave (Live)

This album is a collection of nearly 3 hours worth of live gig recordings. (Dating from circa April 2010 to Oct 2011) You can download this album for only £7 [here].